A Guide to Herbal Skin Care

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By Laura Tobin

It’s unbelievable what some companies pass off as herbal skin care. Some companies will call it “herbal” if they have just one plant source ingredient and the rest are chemical based. An herbal treatment for the skin must be complete.

If you want to be at the cutting edge of anti aging skin care then you need to educate yourself about herbal skin care. If you want the advantage of maintaining youthful skin or reversing the signs of aging then you need to know what’s in your products so you can make a wise decision and choose an effective herbal treatment for the skin.

Right now the cutting edge of skin cell rejuvenation technology is based on all natural herbal based products. Products that have herbal essences added don’t make the cut, you need the real thing. That is why you need to choose a product in which the ingredients have been carefully chosen and tested.

You need an herbal skin care product that feeds and nourishes your skin with vital nutrients for a healthy and radiant glow. You need a skin care product that is guaranteed paraben, fragrance, and allergen free. You also need a product with key ingredients that are proven to get the results you want.

The Key Ingredients in Effective Herbal Treatment for the Skin

o Nonosphere technology coenzyme Q10. The molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin and the 100% plant based derivative is gentle and hypoallergenic.

o A synergistic keratin blend that provides rich proteins and elastins which your skin can absorb. This promotes firmness and softness while it tones skin and helps reduce wrinkles.

o Sea kelp, which provides vital nutrients to the skin. These nutrients improve the elasticity and health of the skin, penetrating deep down into the live tissue layers. The effect is healthy, radiant, firm, and toned skin.

o Essential oils, these may add a little scent to the mix, but they are also fabulous moisturizers and can impart an acid balance to the product which will therefore restore the acid balance to your skin.

o Your skin care treatments should include fish oils, omega three fatty acids, lycopene, and grape seed extract either in the cream or as an oral supplement.

These key ingredients should be supported by all natural herbal and plant extracts using the safest and least amounts of preservatives possible, preferably plant based. The ingredients in an herbal treatment for the skin should be tested both separately and in the cream for safety and efficacy. Additionally, the herbal skin care cream should have the highest possible amounts of the ingredients for maximum benefits. All the ingredients in your herbal treatment for the skin should be safe enough to eat!

Herbal Treatment for the Skin: Advantages

The many key ingredients and their supporting nutrients should be optimally mixed to provide maximum benefits. An herbal treatment for the skin needs to be easily absorbed by your skin to provide it with nourishment from the outside in. In addition to a fabulous herbal skin care regimen, you should also strive to take oral supplements, eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of purified water, and get sunshine and exercise.

Do yourself a favor and put this information to work. Your skin is the largest organ of your body; it deserves to be well taken care of for all its hard work. You deserve healthy, radiant, and youthful skin. To achieve this you need herbal skin care products that deliver what they promise!

Laura Tobin has been researching health related issues for more than eight years. She shares her research into natural skin care on her website Naturally-Healthy-Skin.com To learn more about effective, natural ways to improve the quality of your skin, remove wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance visit Naturally-Healthy-Skin.com

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